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Perfect Wardrobes To Turn Clutter Into Lustre 

Wardrobes are an essential part of any home. A well-designed bedroom can revolutionise your space, leaving it to look tidy, clutter-free and lustre. Let’s be honest, it’s no secret that some of us have an extensive collection (perhaps too much for some) of shoes, handbags and clothes. More often than not, space runs out and you find yourself having to squish everything in to be able to close the doors. With our wardrobe solutions, we can design and install a wardrobe that can fit everything perfectly. With shelves for your handbags, shoe racks and plenty of hanging space, a perfect wardrobe is possible. In Exeter, Devon and areas across Cornwall, our design and wardrobe installation experts will ensure that you are not limited by angled walls, ceiling heights, or wall lengths. Built-in wardrobes create more space and can be tailored exactly to your space and lifestyle. We offer fully bespoke wardrobe solutions, allowing you to sit down with our designers and create a new wardrobe to fit your style and your space. BuilderDorm is your trusted bespoke furniture supplier and fitter in not only areas in Exeter and Devon but areas across Cornwall too. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much space you’ll have from fitted wardrobes, that you might need to do some more shopping to fill the space, what’s better than shopping for more clothes and shoes! 

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Wardrobe Solutions To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Space

Wardrobes might be the last thing on your mind when thinking about your bedroom space, but a professional wardrobe could be the key to transforming your bedroom from an untidy and unorganised space to a very relaxing and tranquil area. Your bedroom should be a space where you can retreat to when you need some downtime. Walking into an organised and stylish bedroom will bring a sense of calm and happiness. Bedroom furniture and a new wardrobe is a simple and clever way to bring about some change. As much as the look and feel of your wardrobes, wardrobe interiors are just as important. The layout and accessibility of the interior of your wardrobe will depend entirely on what your personal needs are. So, when you decide to build a wardrobe, we will sit down with you to make sure that we tick all the boxes based on your requirements and how you envision the end product to look like. We will manage all the work from concept to completion which will make the whole process stress free. It does not matter the area, whether the area you stay in is around Cornwall, Exeter or even Devon. If you’re ready to build a wardrobe, give us a call today at BuilderDorm and allow us to create the perfect wardrobe for your space.

wardrobes solutions in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall

New Wardrobe Installation by A Trusted Wardrobe Fitter in Exeter, Devon

Wardrobe solutions offered by BuilderDorm can turn any space big or small, curved or straight into the perfect wardrobe setup. For more than a decade we have combined quality materials, our knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with the highest standards of finishes and products. A professional wardrobe might seem out of your budget, but we can customise any wardrobe and bedroom furniture according to your needs and budget without compromising on quality. The easiest way to get the most out of your bedroom storage space is with a built-in wardrobe. They instantly create more room for you and are available in sizes and finishes to suit any room. Our bespoke Exeter, Devon wardrobes are custom designed and tailored to your personal design choices and storage needs. Based in areas not only in Exeter and Devon but also areas surrounding Cornwall, BuilderDorm is a dedicated bespoke fitted furniture design, fabrication and installation provider. With a vast range of products and full customization, we are capable of delivering projects for both individual private clients and the commercial sector when you need to install a wardrobe. We are your trusted bespoke furniture supplier and fitted in Exeter and Devon.  Contact us today to meet with our wardrobe installation team to get the wheels turning on your Exeter, Devon wardrobe even areas surrounding Cornwall.

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