Wardrobe Interiors

Wardrobe interiors – More space, ease of access

Wardrobe interiors are an integral part of wardrobe installation. Just as important as the breathtaking design, a well-designed wardrobe interior means optimal space. Ease of access and fully personalized storage solution. The interior of the wardrobe refers to the layout and the distribution of the available space within the wardrobe as well as the use of various components to help with the accessibility and the organization of the available space in your wardrobe. It is the make or break for fitted wardrobes.

Here are a few examples of wardrobe components that could really maximize your available space:

Modular Storage Systems

Inspired by the shopfitting and commercial displays, the modular storage solution is a great option to organize your storage space. It is suitable for Sliding doors wardrobe interiors, open storage, and assembly walls as well as walk-in wardrobes. It is a simple but yet very robust way to equip your storage space and tailor it for your everyday requirements. Very customizable with its interchangeable modular capabilities. It is also a very sustainable long term solution.




Drawers help you organize your space into easily accessible sections. We have adopted a range of drawer constructions and materials such as solid wood, glass along with sliding mechanisms to suit the requirements of the project. We can also offer a range of finishes and made to measure options as well as some award-winning cost-effective solutions with increased potential. Using technologies from leading manufacturers we can provide our customers with the ultimate motion experience, soft close as standard and push to open systems for the smooth operation of the wardrobe drawers.

Pull down wardrobe rails

Whether manual or electric, hat option allows you to allocate your hanging space higher in the wardrobe, utilizing space that would otherwise be difficult for access. For this very reason, it enables us to design taller wardrobes that can now use the entire available height in the room while benefit from the ease of access.

Accessories organizer

Shoe rack, trousers rack, jewelry trays variety of options is available in a selection of finishes, both as integrated and add on organizers to reflect the required aspect of your storage requirements.

Shoe racks

Trouser racks

Accessories organizer


Pull out shelf

Pull down hanger

Illuminated rails

integrated Ironing board

integrated fordable surface

Built in mirrors

Illumination- sensor lights

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