Standard Kitchens

Standard kitchens -refers to standard size cabinetry and doors kitchens.

It is a quality, cost effective way to build a kitchens using set sizes – standard sizes cabinetry in modular principal by combination of those sizes to produce a desired kitchen layout.

Here is a description of our readily available kitchen cabinetry.High quality and affordable options.

Standard size Kitchen Doors:

We have a big selection of various styles kitcens available to order in standard sizes.

Standard kitchens can be ordered with level of trim to suit requirement.

Soft close hinges and other moving parts such as drawers, larder baskets, lazy corners, waste bins and other mechanisms can be suplied to specification.

To find out more about our standard kitchens range and available kitchen styles and finishes please see our kitchen styles section.

Kitchen cabinetry:

Standard range based cabinetry

Used in most cases of kitchen design , available in white, ivory and grey.

Base cabinets sizes: D560 x h720 x 150/300/400/450/500/600/800/900/1000

Tall cabinet sizes: D560 x H1970/2150 x 300/400/500/600

Wall cabinets sizes: D300 x H720/900 x 300/400/450/500/600/800/900/1000

Materials and finishes:

Standard 18 mm. MFC matt finish on both sides with 6mm MFC back.

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