Popular types of kitchens


A well familiar type of old school joinery design is the in frame kitchen style.

Fully regain popularity with its increased cabinetry resilient qualities and virtually endless variety of finishes.

Some of the best In-frame kitchen designs involves solid wood as preferable material of choice where the use of two or more types of wood or even a combination of traditional and contemporary look could often contribute to an outstanding kitchen.

In-frame design is well known for its cabinetry rigid construction because of the extra framing at the front serving as a structural support as well as being a facial feature.

A good level of craftsmanship defines those pieces of furniture for the slick appearance.


Hendleless Kitchens

The term Hendleless kitchens refers to two main scenarios in kitchen designing.

The first type is where the handle is a recess in the door where finger placement and grabbing is facilitating the opening of the doors or drawers. The recess element becomes a characteristics of the very design of the kitchen and is used all-round as a feature of the kitchen design.

In many cases these doors and fascia designs combines slick seamless look and incorporates different embedded profile systems benefiting from materials such as chrome , stainless steel, nickel, Inox, wood and other finishes to compliment the kitchen design.

In addition, some of these profiles are also designed to provide housing for illumination making the lighting an integral part of the kitchen.

True Hendleless Kitchens

The second type is also known as True handleless kitchens.

True hendleles kitchens refers to doors, drawers and element of the fascia of the kitchens without any provision of handle shape or form.

In other words , simple panels are used for all over the kitchen design.

The most popular way to operate (open, close) and gain access to the cabinets is ‘ Push to open ‘ mechanism. There are also a variety of system for automatic drawers and doors operation that employs touch sensors.

The recesses design is also applicable for these door style but as opposed to the Hendleless kitchen design where the recess is on the door,in the True Hendleless design the recess is on the carcasses.

Both of the Hendleless and the True hendleless kitchen designs are Modern and contemporary options with an enormous variety of finish materials that creates a simple and at the same time sophisticated look.



MODERN and contemporary STYLE KITCHENS

– High Gloss

Painted kitchens

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