Kitchen worktops

We work with Britain’s best materials suppliers and manufacturers to source and produce our worktops. Every part of the process is carefully choreographed and executed to bring exceptional quality to your kitchen installation from start to finish.

Here we will take a look at the most popular options for worktop materials we incorporate in our kitchens. A brief summary of the worktop materials and their characteristics.

Marble and natural stone worktops

Natural stone used for countertops and working areas such as Marbles and Granite is a natural accruing material formed slowly over millions of years. Every cut of the original stone is characterized by the geological composition of the area and carries a unique pattern.The color combination and natural appeal second to none. It is a hard, scratch-resistant material, hygienic and heat resistant very easy to maintain.

Solid surface worktops

Seamless, extremely versatile, hygienic nonporous material that is resistant to staining. Repairable thermo-formed acrylic material.The material can be formed to create almost any shape or form which makes it a desirable choice. Its hygienic properties and low maintenance make it ideal for the healthcare, food and hospitality industry and most of all for your kitchen!

Engineered quartz surfaces 

Also known as engineered stone or simply quartz, the material is an excellent alternative to Granite and Marble. It is heat, scratch, and stain resistant and requires minimum maintenance. It is non-porous material, hygienic with a polished or honed finish. Engineered quartz worktops come in various thicknesses. Composed of natural quartz and resin, engineered and manufactured to the very highest specifications it provides a wealth of choices in colors and patterns.The manufacturing technology of the engineered stone also allows versatile design and great color consistency over large spaces.

Glass worktops

Solid wood worktops

Laminated worktops

And anything in between….

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