Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget Using Replacement Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget Using Replacement Kitchen Doors

What Are Replacement Kitchen Doors?

Kitchen makeovers on a budget are possible! Replacement kitchen doors are a great way to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you would like a brand-new kitchen without the expense and inconvenience of a full kitchen renovation, replacement kitchen cabinet doors may be your answer. Updating your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home but it can be very easy to spend too much on such a renovation. Full kitchen renovations can be some of the most expensive renovations a homeowner can do, and it often doesn’t deliver a good return on investment upon selling the house. Replacing the cupboard doors in your kitchen can be an inexpensive way to get the benefit of an update without the cost of a full renovation. You can update your kitchen with sleek high-gloss cabinets or handleless fixtures, and you can even use the money saved to splurge on higher-end appliances. With kitchen replacement doors, only the cupboard doors are replaced rather than the entire kitchen cabinet unit. This is a great idea if your kitchen cupboards are still in great structural condition – no need to fix what isn’t broken! You can also replace the drawer fronts, end panels, plinths, and worktops to give your entire kitchen a cohesive look. 

Great Budget Ideas For Your Kitchen Makeover

While replacement kitchen doors are a great idea for a kitchen makeover on a budget, there are many other things you can try to spruce up your kitchen. Taking some time and re-organising your cupboards won’t cost a cent but you can gain loads of space by getting rid of unwanted and unused items. Clear your countertops of clutter to instantly open up the space. Speaking of countertops, you can also replace these hardworking surfaces when you install your replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Another low-budget idea is to replace the handles in your kitchen- unless you’re splurging and going handleless with your replacement kitchen cupboard doors! You can also liven up your space with fun new accessories in your colour scheme, or even change up your colour scheme with a fresh coat of paint. Add some funky wall art to add some interest. Take fun in the kitchen one step further by applying a vinyl sticker to your fridge. A fridge’s smooth surface is perfect for the application of vinyl, and you can find a wide range of colours and designs online. You can just change it up once you grow tired of a design- it’s completely removable!


Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget Using Replacement Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget With Replacement Kitchen Unit Doors

There are many ways you can change and update your kitchen without incurring the huge cost of a full kitchen renovation. Kitchen makeovers on a budget can be achieved by keeping existing cabinet structures and only replacing kitchen doors, you can cut out the bulk of the cost of a full renovation. Not only are replacement kitchen doors far more affordable, but it is also much faster to install since you don’t have to rebuild all the cabinetry. With replacement kitchen cupboard doors you have the option of classic white shaker-style doors, or perhaps you dream of a kitchen with a high-gloss finish. With all the money you’ll be saving, you can add even more updates to your kitchen to create an entirely new space without spending all the cash. Consider updating your kitchen colour scheme- adding a splash of new colour with accessories and wall art can breathe new life into your kitchen. Stick to a single accent colour to create a coherent look and add colourful storage, tea towels, and other accessories to carry through the theme. Offering fitted furniture, BuilderDorm offers a range of kitchen renovation services, including replacement kitchen doors. Our experts will assist in creating the kitchen you need within your budget, without the upheaval of a full renovation. 

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