Kitchen components

Kitchen components

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Corner cabinet solutions

Depending on your requirements or preference we can design, supply and fit your kitchen with any of the corner solutions in order to maximize your access.

Arguably, for years the open shelved , two equal small door units has been considered the most space and access effective option but then , along came the innovations and the leading kitchen components companies around the globe came up with numerous solutions to assist the everyday functionality of the blind corner kitchen cabinets.

Lets take a look in few convenient options that we incorporate in our kitchens.

  • Carousels

  • Corner swing out

  • Corner pull out

  • Corner drawers

  • Base cabinets

  • Pantry drawers

  • Waste bin systems

  • Ladder units and tall cabinets

  • Pull out ladder units

  • Swivel ladder units

  • Kitchen pantry

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