Joinery Materials and Finishes

HPL (high-pressure laminate)

Aimed at washrooms and related applications the HPL offers great impact resistance and general wear and tear. The sheeting surface is impervious to water and maintains integrity. The material is a cost-effective solution for a number of applications from commercial washrooms, toilet cubical systems, changing room and general paneling requirements such as integrated paneling system (IPS)

Structure of material:

Composed of layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin.The surface is colored or patterned decorative paper impregnated with Melamine resin. It comes in a rather vast variety of finishes, , and decors,

SGL -Solid grade laminate

Also Compact Solid Grade Laminate (CSGL) is High impact and water – moisture resistant, dense, two-faced decorative panel. Extremely durable and versatile with high strength, low maintenance makes it the ideal choice of material for a number of settings and intensive commercial environments. Suitable for washrooms, changing rooms, cubical systems, countertop applications, integrated paneling (plumbing ) systems, locker doors, etc.

Structure of the material:

A self-supporting structure composed of layers of Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin.The surface is colored or patterned decorative paper impregnated with phenolic or Melamine resin. It comes in a rather vast variety of finishes and decors.


Veneered finishes:

Refers to natural wood finishes. The veneer is essentially a layer of high-quality real wood of choice carefully prepared and applied to a structural material of choice. Veneered finishes come in a range of options where the most popular hardwood veneers for furniture production have been oak, walnut, cherry tree, mahogany, etc.

The advantage of using the veneered materials are normally: the significant difference in the price as opposed to using real wood, the ability to use in combination with different core materials, the flexibility of the finishes and the vast variety of options.

Laminated finishes:

Offering a wide variety of finishes and patterns with high performance and greater strength and versatility the laminated finishes seems to be dominating the modern furniture industry. With its strong properties, laminated finishes can be applied equally well onto MDF, chipboard, or plywood. This type of finish is also the preferred choice for a number of specialists applications such as solid grade laminate (SGL) and high-pressure laminate.

Textured finishes:

Increasingly popular option of finish is the textured finish. A variety of textures is available from fabric textures to leather textures. An elegant option for a wardrobe interior to compliment an exclusive touch and feel, tactile experience.

Sprayed finishes

We provide an enormous variety of quality sprayed finishes ranging from plain color options to an array of varnishes, lacquers, stains and sprayed finishes.

Innovative design surfaces and finishes:

Furniture linoleum

High quality made from plant-based sustainable raw materials. The material is easy to process and has anti-static and slightly fungicide and bacterial properties. Furniture linoleum could have a variety of applications and could be used in interior finishes such as walls as well as furniture surfaces such as baseboards.


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