Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobe

Benefit from a bespoke designed wardrobe, tailored to your requirements. Adopting the characteristic of your home, a piece of furniture that would not only look as an integral part of your room but will also utilize your spaces and turn them into an easily accessible storage solution. Highly customizable and with almost infinite design potentials, our fitted wardrobes will provide you with a slick, long term storage solution for your every day needs that will make all the difference.

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The fitted wardrobe is the ultimate option for your needs when it comes to combining a space-maximizing solution and tailored design. The wardrobe cabinets and compartments could be fully customized to suit your requirements and equipped with mechanisms that will help to extend functionality for everyday use. The main advantage of the fitted wardrobe is the ability to integrate into the most awkward spaces in your house while at the same time completing the furniture landscape of your home. Fitted wardrobe comes in a variety of designs and finishes.

Here are a few ideas for Fitted wardrobes!

Walk in wardrobes

Although space demanding as typically walk-in wardrobe occupies an entire room, this type of closet furniture offers excellent convenience and endless storage configurations. Depending on the client’s choice and preferences, a walk-in wardrobe could be designed as open cabinetry or with doors set up, sliding doors or folding doors are a preferable scenario in consideration of space saving but in case of space is not an issue, a standard hinged door is also an option.

Fitted wardrobe doors option :

At Builderdorm, we believe that there is no single path to achieve beauty. Nor the beauty is the only factor at play when it comes to furniture. In fact, a good piece of wardrobe, wouldn’t be as good if it’s not practical.

That is why, it is our mission to always combine the aesthetics with the optimal use of space when it comes to design our wardrobes.

Way to often than not, the choice of doors of a good and functional wardrobe is actually governed by the room and pre existing conditions in the space around the wardrobe.

  • Sliding wardrobe doors
  • Mirrored wardrobe doors
  • Glass wardrobe doors
  • Folding wardrobe doors
  • Hinged wardrobe doors
  • Handle-less designs


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