Design & Planing

Design & Planing

kitchen plan
kitchen plan

At Builderdorm, we understand that the very first step and also most important one to a new project is Planing and design!Therefore we have arraignments in place   to assist our customers right from the start with this. Whether you are planing a new kitchen, fitted wardrobe in your bedroom or a home office renovation, our planing and design service would assist you in every step of your way. We have a decade of experience to employ, pared with state of the art industry leading high end software to help us design and present ideas, proof of concept , detailed plans, drawings and full documentation necessary for the production and installation of your project. You can relay on our healthy advise, industry expertise and knowledge of joinery materials  and different techniques.

The design process:

The design process can be simplified to several stages as described below. All of them are integral part of the whole process. Please use this walk trough- guide for reference.

General planning and design guide

Pre existing conditions

Depending on the circumstances, we will arrange home visit survey or online survey to establish pre- installation conditions. We will need to gather information about your premises, dimensions, services and limitation concerning your design. This is, so we can consider the best possible solution for your set of circumstances. Allocation of services, required alteration and enabling work.

We will then produce a plan or plans with proposal design and detailed layout.

Deciding on furniture design

You will be given a range of styles and different options to pick from. We will be happy to advise you on your best combination, design, style, depending on your requirements.

Styles such as modern style or true handle-less or the type of wardrobe opening (sliding or hinged doors) can have both aesthetic importance but also comes with it’s benefits and limitations on the design and how the space will be utilized.

Deciding on Materials and finishes-

When it comes to materials, we have one of the most comprehensive collection of materials and finishes. Engineered, natural materials, real wood, It is important to understand the significance of the finishes and materials to the design. Not only for how it looks but also for the life of the furniture and its maintenance. All this needs to be taken into account when we pick our finishes.

Deciding on level of comfort-

All of our furniture are available with different level of comfort. That refers to mechanical and moving parts such as storage solutions: drawers, hinges, sliders, hangers, ladder units, pull outs, organizers, lazy corners and many more as well as options for lighting.

These options would be discussed with you at the planing stage of your project.


Samples of the materials and the different styles of doors are available to help you with your design.

Cost considerations

Cost has direct effect on the decision of a furniture design. Just like any other think in life – a premium service comes on a premium price. And so we are committed to help our customers to get the most for their money.

We are always happy to advise on the best possible scenario to go further with your budget.

Kitchen Planning and design

Here is some aspects of the kitchen design that we need to consider when it comes to planing your kitchen:

The following needs to be consider in relations to positioning appliances and sinks, introducing additional fixtures, electrical points, and lighting to the propose kitchen design/ plan.

Existing Services and requirement for new services:

water supply hot and cold, waste, ventilation and ducts, electrical supply, gas supply.

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